2016, so that was a year that happened…

The year in review post this year is going to be atypical.

First, I’ll point out that my bibliography is always up-to-date with respect to my original fiction. If you ever find yourself thinking, “Hey, I wonder what original fiction John Chu has published?” that’s where you go to get that question answered.

Honestly, 2016 was not an amazing year for me in terms actually getting any writing done. For reasons not worth getting to, original fiction basically couldn’t happen for the first half of the year. I spent the second half of the year pulling things back together from the first half and working on something which may or may not be one or more of the following:

  1. A novella
  2. The first section of a mosaic novel
  3. The first few chapters of a (non-mosaic) novel

Anyway, I finished the draft on New Year’s Eve (so, now, I can honestly say I finished a piece of original fiction in 2016). We’ll see where it goes from here. (Those of you who attended my readings at ReaderCon and MidAmericon II, this is what I read from. It’s a much better work now. What you heard were fragments I’d written, in one case, literally the day before. I didn’t realize what story I was writing until about November.)

Normally, this is where I put a list of works I read that I want you to read. For the same reasons why the writing didn’t really happen, neither did the reading. I didn’t read enough works that I feel comfortable publishing a list, so we’re skipping that this year. Sorry.

Publishing lag means, though, despite not a whole lot of writing in 2016, I published four stories, two translations and an essay. The translations and essay were even written in 2016!

The four short stories are:

Two translations:

One essay:

Anyway, let us all hope that we all have a better 2017.


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